Sunday, August 16, 2009

Is Junk Food Killing Us As A People?

I often wonder what has made people in this world so crazy? Many of them have gone mad and they feel that poisoning themselves with junk food is deemed acceptable. There is a serious brain drain behind this type of thinking and it's fueled by the mainstream media, movies, schools, and parents in general. Junk food ads are placed strategically in our daily life and it's everywhere you look these days. A perfect example of this subliminal seduction is in the movie G.I. Joe. If you can read between the massive killing spree and the awesome special effects, you will see that bubble gum provides the energy for the main star of the movie. In fact, the star of the movie has to share his last piece of bubble gum in one of the last battles and this makes him uncomfortable. Our children will pick up on this slick ad and guess what; bubble gum sales will increase. Why? Because it helps you win battles. At least that's the message I got when I saw that ridiculous scene. It's not new that advertisers are injecting junk food into movies because if you look closely, all movies have hidden messages for the gullible minds and our children's health will continue to grow worse when they are sucked in by these slick con artists in the motion picture industry. Rotten teeth, diabetes, and other ailments have a beginning and I'm here to say that it begins in the minds of our young people when they see heroes in movies use these harmful junk food items. Can we please put a stop to this?

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